CEVA Machinery


CEVA originated as a company specializing in cold heading engineering and consulting services. Boasting over three decades of dedicated operation within Italy, we subsequently expanded our horizons and established a prominent presence in Brazil.

We possess the capability to undertake projects spanning from initial tool development to the final stages of machine completion. Within Brazil, our clients have the added advantage of requesting comprehensive services, encompassing machine manufacturing, assembly, as well as the procurement of components, commercial parts, and electrical systems from trusted suppliers.

Every service we provide is built upon a foundation of collaborative partnership with our clients. Our approach is centered around working closely together to identify and implement the most fitting solutions for your specific requirements. This collaborative ethos ensures that our offerings are not only tailored but also optimized to meet your needs, fostering a truly productive and mutually beneficial relationship.


For standard heading machines, we meticulously follow industry standards to ensure reliability and performance. We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we also offer tailored solutions. Our custom heading machines are designed with your specific requirements in mind.


When you choose our transfer designs, you're choosing versatility and reliability. We're committed to enhancing your production capabilities, regardless of the brand you use. Let us streamline your processes and ensure your heading machines operate at their peak performance, no matter the model.


Cams are the heart of many applications, and we're experts at crafting both simple and conjugated cams that meet the needs of any industry.


In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the ability to adapt and improve your machinery is essential. That's where we come in – experts in the art of reconditioning, retrofitting, and upgrading both heading and tapping machines.


For eccentric heading machines, power is the key to precision and performance. We specialize in providing the forging power needed to drive these machines, ensuring they operate at their full potential.


When it comes to tool development, we don't just stop at creating individual components. We specialize in crafting complete tool solutions, covering everything from the smallest fingers to the most critical dies.