The Transfer is, without a doubt, the most sensitive group in a heading machine. A good transfer guarantees few machines stops, consequently achieving a better productivity and a larger range of parts that can be produced.

We develop Transfers that can be adapted to machines from other manufacturers, without altering the features of the machine the process can be reversed to return to the original condition at any time.

The Transfer is driven by a pair of conjugated cams, designed for smooth movement, especially when inserting parts into the dies, thus avoiding dangerous oscillations of the parts. Obviously, if the parts do not fluctuate at the time of insertion, there will be a reduction in the probability of failure at this stage.

The large opening of the fingers allows the extraction of the dies without the need to lift the Transfer group, allowing the formation of heads of large diameters. The diameter of the head, which can pass beneath the fingers, is the largest compared to all machines on the market.

Recently, a project was made for a vertical press Transfer intended for the production of nuts (hot forged) up to 4 inches with a 115 millimeters ex-key.

SACMA SP 360 compatible

Chunzu CB 133 F

Biau-Li B10 4S

Biau-Li B19 4S